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What is Daschund

Dachshund is a powerful
combination of Meme and Gaming on Web3.0

Daschund is an ecosystem for the future of Web3 play-to-earn gaming

We believe that cryptocurrency is solving and aiming to solve many issues related to how companies and centralized structures work. For example, decentralization ensures that people can have direct control over their assets, and may freely move money among different platforms. Generating revenue as they see fit, depending on the available solutions on the market. Our goal is to bring as many solutions as possible.


Power of Daschund

Conceptual Meta

Dachshund is a vibrant decentralized ecosystem created to empower the individual through blockchain technology. Dachshund is created to be a decentralized project with a true purpose

Dachshund aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world. Dachshund's mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Unlike older, comparable projects, Dachshund introduces holders to next-gen concepts such as Play-to-Earn Model and Staking Mechanism.

Global Community

The Dachshund Community

Daschund token aims to achieve great heights of success with strong community support. Unity triggers strength, and strength brings in ability to strive more.

Our roadmap includes what Daschund team has in store to build a strong community. It is not uncommon to see people lose interest in cryptocurrencies during bear markets. This is a major sign of a community that is not too strong. We want to collaborate with major influencers around the globe to build a community that hasn't been established before.


Gaming NFT's

Dachshund aims to create new standards for play-to-earn meta by revolutionizing the NFT gaming experience. There have been various projects in the past which did bring in Web3 concepts into NFT gaming, but gaming experience they brought in was not up to the mark. We aim to improve it.

Ownership of all Dachshund gaming NFT's will be registered and verifiably proven on the blockchain. These solely owned NFT's can be used in game to play, organize tournaments, breed dogs and many other to be announced features.



Daschund is tax-free, yes it is a 0 tax token. The transaction tax or any other taxes do not make a project great its their use cases and utility they provide. With this in mind, we have removed any type of tax from the project.

Also, we'll be renouncing the contract. Liquidity pool will be locked for 10 years.

How it Works

Best Features

Dachshund play-to-earn model will be one of the most unique model with a lot of unique features to be introduced on binance smart chain.

Fast & Secure

We are making sure graphics of the game are not compromised in exchange of speed. Built in unity gaming engine and served using fast AWS servers, Dachshund p2e will be one of the finest games of crypto.

Organizing Tournaments Manage and earn

Players can organize in game tournaments and can earn passive income by getting more people to join the tournament. A certain % of the total revenue generated per game will be transfered to the organizers

Renting out fieldsto event organizers

Player's Race field NFT can be rented out per game or on a fixed term lease. Ownership will be transfered to the new address via a smart contract and shall be transfered back when tenure ends

Breed and reproduce more

Breeders can use Female and Male dog NFT's to breed and get more NFT's. To put it in simple words you can mint NFT's for free if you hold Breeder NFT's

Train your Dogs

You can train your dogs to learn new skills,moves and tactics that will help them perform well in game. This training program will help them earn big rewards in tournament.

Team Up

Partner up with other players and form a team to compete with another team. Players collaborating with other users will be recieving free DACHSHUND NFT airdrop as a gift.

Dachshund Ecosystem

Ecosystem key features

Dachshund ecosystem is built on a revenue distribution modal. Revenue generated by players entry ticket into game, will be rewarded to top winners which makes the ecosystem sustainable.


Dachsund ecosystem makes you the sole owner of Dachsund NFT's which you can use to earn passive income by renting it out.


Renting out your NFT will be done throughtamper-proof smart contract which will transfer ownership for a specified time limit


Dachsund will also offer a secondary earning modal for passive incomes which is via staking your NFT's or DSD tokens in a locked pool with high APY's.


Rewards Distribution will be done on a daily basis with an automated smart contract that will distribute calculated portion of the rewards to each player in the leadersboard.


Token Sale

The tokens will be available to be purchased from pinksale on 2022.09.10 at 14:00 UTC

Pre Sale
Start: 10 Sept 2022
3 Days
Ends: 13 Sept 2022
Soft Cap

50 BNB

Token Symbol DSD
Token Sale Start 10 Sept 2022
Token Sale End 13 Sept 2022
Tokens for sale 35,000,000 DSD
Max circulating supply 100,000,000 DSD
Sale duration 3 days
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Safu Certificate

Road Map

Our team is working hard to make sure we go one step further when it comes to delivering.

2022 June Concept
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2022 June Research
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2022 July Design
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2022 August Essentials
  • Gathering Community
  • Onboarding marketers
  • Completing KYC
2022 September Pre-Sale
  • Public Sale & funding
  • Token Allocation
  • AMA's, Twitter Marketing
2022 September Launch
  • Pancakeswap launch
  • Immense marketing
2022 September Alpha Launch
  • In-house testing of game
  • Prototype publish and linked to Binance smart chain with real-time scanning
2022 October Public Alpha Launch
  • Game launch
  • Youtube Marketing with big influencers
  • Major gamer onboarding
2022 November Community Benefits
  • Airdrop event
  • Free Giveaways
2022 December Game upgrades
  • Introducing in game events
  • Marketplace integration
  • CEX Listing
2023 Q1 More Operational
  • Integrate with other major chains
  • New Partnerships with gamers